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Known Bugs:
- On occasion, the first word will not match the screen. We're looking into this issue. This happens very rarely.

- The web app will sometimes errors without a visible error on the screen. Please report it to us if this happens and what you were doing at the time of the error.

- Voice will continue until completion of sentence, even when navigation happens on some devices.

Getting Connected

1. Boot up your Chattergeist Touch.
2. Enable Bluetooth in the options menu of the device.
3. Tap "Save".


This tool is under development and as such is classed as "unstable".

Chattergeist Touch BLE Reader

We recommend using the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

By continuing, you agree that you use this tool at your own risk while it is still in development.

Please read our Bug Report section.

Word History


This tool allows you to use a browser to read & operate Chattergeist Touch remotely! Currently this tool works with Dictionary, Phonetic, Ouija, Emoji & Letter Modes. Your Chattergeist Touch device must have a firmware version of 1.0 or higher.

Part 1: Device Setup

Part 2: Instructions

Part 3: Notes & Help

Part 4: Instructions & Controls

Part 5: Usage & Warranty

Chattergeist Setup:

  1. Make sure you have firmware update v1.31 or higher installed on your Chattergeist Touch before continuing.
  2. Power on your Chattergeist Touch.
  3. Tap the cog in the main menu.
  4. Enable the BLUETOOTH toggle.
  5. Press the SAVE button.

Using This Tool:

  1. Tap "Link Device"
    To start a connection & automatically read for results on the screen in intervals (set in the SETTINGS).
  2. Select your device
    From the popup Bluetooth devices menu.
  3. Tap "Enable Speech"
    To enable spoken audio results.

Instructions & Controls:

  1. Enable Voice
    This toggles the audio output of your device to speak aloud the words on the screen.
  2. Word History
    This is where all outputs from your device BLE session will be stored.
  3. Device Name
    This allows you to change the identifier name for your device. You may have up to 12 characters.
  4. Cancel Scan
    This stops any mode that is currently running on the device and returns it to the main menu.
  5. Continuous Dictionary Mode
    This starts Dictionary Mode in Continuous operation.
  6. Continuous Phonetic Mode
    This starts Phonetic Mode in Continuous operation.
  7. Ouija Mode
    This starts Ouija Mode on your device.
  8. Letter Scan
    This starts Letter Scan Mode on your device.
  9. Aura Mode
    This starts Aura Compass Mode on your device.
  10. Prompt Dictionary mode
    This starts Dictionary Mode in Prompt operation.
  11. Prompt Phonetic mode
    This starts Phonetic Mode in Prompt operation.
  12. Fullscreen
    This enables fullscreen for this tool.
  13. Settings
    This is a group of options to change various settings for this tool.

Notes & Help

Usage & Warranty

While we don't believe any harm can come to your device by using this tool, you should still use it at your own risk. We will not be liable for any potential damages caused by this tool. Damages caused by this tool are not covered by warranty. As far as we know, everything is safe but this tool is still under heavy development.

Experimental Options

These options may not work on all devices or some options may make this tool or your device unstable.

Read Interval

This changes how often this app reads from your device.

Change Voice:

These voices are provided by your device, changing voices may not work on some devices.