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Firmware v1.40 Released! - 19/05/2024

Chattergeist Touch Firmware v1.40 Chattergeist Touch Firmware v1.40 has been released, complete with some lovely new features including an Animated Canvas Mode and increased Canvas Mode colour support!

v1.40 Changelog:
  • Added animated canvas functionality:
    Experience an upgraded canvas mode! In "prompt mode," the canvas operates as usual, generating one image and awaiting your input. Switch to "continuous mode" to ANIMATE the canvas, just like the image on this post! For detailed information, please refer to Section 4.5: Canvas Mode in the user manual, available on the Your Device page.
  • Added another 30 colours to the canvas mode:
    We've increased the color count in canvas mode from 37 to 67. This enhancement boosts variable entropy in canvas drawing mode and provides a richer palette to work with. Rest assured, the underlying algorithm remains unchanged.
  • Added "Dimension Integer Generation Algorithm (DIGA)" to generate a stable universe number:
    Now, at the bottom of the options screen, you'll find a "Universe Number" such as #33255. This number is UNIQUE to your device. If it ever changes, it may indicate a shift in reality or a change in the universe. Please report any changes to us immediately so we can investigate. This could be crucial!
  • Bluetooth Firmware Number Support:
    This feature allows the BLE Tool to verify the device firmware and prevent errors.
  • Added a colour spectrum to the planchette mode:
    We've broadened the color selection in Planchette Mode from just red and green to a full spectrum, including yellow, blue, green, and red. Enjoy a more vibrant and diverse visual experience!
  • Canvas Memory Reduction:
    We've reduced the memory footprint of the canvas drawing mode without affecting its performance. Enjoy the same great functionality with improved efficiency!
  • Increased CPU performance:
    We've boosted the CPU speed from 100MHz to the maximum 160MHz to significantly enhance performance, especially in canvas mode. The impact on battery usage is negligible at best.
  • Added better anti-aliasing support:
    Text now displays more smoothly with better anti-aliasing support, eliminating cut-off parts of larger letters for a nicer presentation.
  • Memory allocation rehaul for stability:
    We have completely refactored the memory allocation of variables to further improve the memory footprint.
  • Made Easter Egg easier to find!
    "A pattern of blocks conceals the key,
    Three knocks upon it will set it free.
    A symbol of choice, once ordinary,
    Transforms to a visage quite contrary."
  • BLE Tool Upgraded to v0.7:
    As the device now outputs the current firmware version, the BLE Tool now checks you have the correct version installed to your device before attempting to use the BLE Tool. This does mean that your device will need to be up-to-date in order to use the BLE Tool. But believe us, it will make a difference!

As usual, the Chattergeist Touch User Manual has also had an update to bring it up to v1.40 as well (which can be found in the Your Device area of the website).

Thanks for your continued support! We love you guys!

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~ The Dimension Devices Team
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