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We feel community is part of paranormal investigation and a sense of community can be easily lost when people are striving to start a business or creating content. Therefore we are bringing back the old days of the internet and having a list of excellent content creators and other businesses you should check out here!

None of these links are sponsored, they are just interesting people, groups & businesses you should also check out!

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Quick Links:

Paranormal Content Creators:

  • Wisotzkey Paranormal
    Wisotzkey Paranormal Website

    Check out Travis' great paranormal investigation videos that are not embellished or sensationalised, they are pure investigation. He also makes paranormal equipment, his spirit boxes and rempods are wonderful! We recommend checking him out!

  • Co-Host Deigo Podcast
    Co-Host Deigo's Podcast

    Have you always been curious about the unknown? the unexplainable? Do you find yourself intrigued by the mysterious and paranormal side of our world? Then "Let's Find Out" with co-host Diego is the podcast for you.

  • Charm City Paranormal Website

    A principled Baltimore based paranormal investigation team that incorporates rich historical research into their high quality videos. Definitely worth a visit!

  • Draugasögur
    Ghost Network

    Belief in ghosts, trolls and fairies has been a part of Icelanders' cultural heritage since colonization. Draugasögur Podcast together with the podcast Sannar Íslensner Draugasögur are both among the most popular in this country, and their television programs have been a real hit.

  • Para Vision Crew
    Para Vision Crew

    We are a traditional paranormal team based in Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia, we are a fun-loving, layed back team that enjoys proper paranormal investigations, Ghost hunting and urban exploring. We do pride ourselves on using knowledge, experience and logic when it comes to determining paranormal evidence.

  • The Haunted Attic
    The Haunted Attic

    The Haunted Attic is a site focused on all things paranormal - from case studies and creepy news, to interviews with paranormal stars and reviews. The site is run by journalist and paranormal enthusiast, Fiona Dodwell.

  • Sno's Scary Adventures
    Sno's Scary Adventures

    If you're into the Spooky, the Macabre, or Just Plain Mysterious. Take a listen!

  • Paranormal Places Website
    ParaGals Ireland Instagram

    A lovely fun group of girls looking into the unknown in Ireland! Hit them up for some nice chill times with some interesting videos about superstitions and various unexplained things!

  • Inspire Paranormal
    Inspire Paranormal

    Paranormal investigators from Chesterfield UK, check them out!!

  • Ghost Bros
    Mortal Coil & Friends Instagram

    Yorkshire paranormal troupe exploring hauntings around the UK, from the historic and infamous to the obscure.

  • Ghost Bros
    Ghost Bros YouTube Channel

    A group of buddies exploring the unexplainable! Some interesting evidence and videos to entertain and spoop you!

  • GhostTeam.lev
    Ghostteam Lev (Germany)

    North Rhine-Westphalia to be exact! We have only been active in the scene for a short while. Our team consists of 3 girls who have been dedicated to the paranormal for a long time.

Paranormal Articles:

  • Unexplained.ie

    An Irish owned unexplained article website. Unexplained is a source of all things odd, unknown, steeped in mystery or unexplained.
  • Weird Wiltshire
    Weird Wiltshire

    Weird Wiltshire is a county steeped in ancient history. Tales of legends, ghosts and folklore abound this area in the South West of England. Ancient monuments, ruinous castles, stately homes and humble cottages fill the beautiful rolling downlands.
  • Mystic Realm Blog
    Mystic Realm Blog

    The objective of Mystic Realm Blog is straightforward: to create a relaxed environment where enthusiasts can unwind, explore, and indulge in the mysterious and otherworldly. Consider this your premier destination for all things esoteric and spooky.
  • Ghost Mag

    Ghost Mag is a paranormal blog bringing you the latest paranormal news, reports of recent ghost sightings and real evidence from paranormal investigations.

Paranormal Places:

  • The Haunted Directory Website

    Explore haunted venues, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and unlock exclusive member benefits
  • iHaunt UK Website

    iHaunt is an events company that allows you to investigate the way you have always wanted too. Offering you the best locations across the UK. @ihauntUK across all social media.
  • Paranormal Places Website

    Need to find that perfect haunted spot for your investigation? Look no further than Paranormal Places. They are a directory of known haunted locations for you to visit and enquire about!
  • Hauntd-Houses.co.uk

    A ghost hunting experience company founded in 2014. We’re big on creating connections, so get ready to explore the unexplained with a bunch of like-minded friends you’re yet to meet. Let's make memories together!
  • Into The Shadows - Paranormal Experiences

    Providing Unique Paranormal Experiences - Into The Shadows was founded by a group of passionate individuals with extensive experience in organising paranormal events.
  • Overnight ghost hunting events in genuine haunted locations

    Are you looking for a brilliant ghost hunt escapade with an experienced team? Then look no further. They have taken thousands of guests on ghost hunts throughout the UK since 2011.
  • UK Ghost Hunts
    UK Ghost Hunts

    UK Ghost Hunts paranormal and ghost hunting events from one of the most experienced ghost hunting groups around the UK. Join The UK Ghost Hunts Team on an investigation in some of the most haunted locations around the UK, from majestic manor houses and haunted hospitals to petrifying prisons and chilling castles. Dare to Believe!

Investigation Services:

  • P.A.R.T Facebook Page
    Paranormal Activity Research Team

    A non-profit research organization that strives to help others get explanations for activities, events or other happenings that seem to be inexplicable via conventional means.

Paranormal Stores:

Other Services:

  • 3D Factory - UK Printing Service

    A UK based 3D Printing service providing excellent quality 3D prints with amazing results. We would highly recommend them!

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