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Introducing Chattergeist, the original and the worlds first ultra-portable, regularly updated and completely extensible paranormal device. The Chattergeist is designed to assess environmental data and convert into user-readable communications to attempt to connect the realms of the living with the dead, bridging timelines and even reaching interdimensional entities*.

Don't let the small stature of Chattergeist fool you, it comes loaded with an array of features & functions!. It even includes a physical extension port for modules, allowing for further customization. Moreover, Chattergeist offers convenient ad-hoc software updates, enabling you to enhance your device effortlessly. Best of all, these updates can be obtained completely FREE using the Dimension Devices Update Tool. As well as word lists in multiple languages and even from different eras (like a dictionary using words exclusive to the 19th century)!

Comes with a FREE high-quality braided USB-C cable, an official verifiable certificate, FREE software & dictionary updates as well as a nice offically branded velvet carry bag and a protective case! Chattergeist is a multi-functional product which means it has multiple operating modes as well as having the capability to have other devices plug in to it! Unlike mobile phone apps we do not rely on internet input, third party apps or sensor data that has interference from other components.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to expand Chattergeist's functionality by introducing physical extensions that can be plugged into the bottom of the device, offering even more possibilities. These extensions include the "Human Presence Radar," "WeeGhoul" "Battery Pack," and "Wearable Straps," among others.


Feature Benefit
FREE Software Updates Constantly evolving functionality and performance with completely FREE but optional updates!
FREE Dictionary Updates An ever-growing selection of FREE downloadable dictionaries in a variety of languages and styles (even era-specific!).
FREE Braided USB Cable FREE robust and high quality braided USB Cable!
FREE Verifiable Certificate A unique model number and verification code to give you access to updates, dictionaries as well as verifying your device is official!
HUGE Word List A comprehensive wordlist of over 17,300 words! That's around 22 quadrillionA number equal to 1 with 15 zeros! combinations!
HUGE Phonetic Combinations Over 330 phonetic letter combinations arranged in a 5x5 grid. That is around 31 duoquinquagintillionA number equal to 10 with 159 zeros! combinations!
x10 Dictionaries Available Downloadable dictionaries in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Latin and 1800s era-specific!
NO Subscription No subscription or payment required for access to the owners toolkit, updates, apps or tools!
Touch & Swipe Support A reactive and much more intuitive control method than clumsy buttons.
Bluetooth (BLE) Connectivity Low energy Bluetooth for reading and remote control from your phone via our official BLE Tool (or any BLE-Reader app)!
Plugin Modifications & Extensions 4-Pin port on the side of the device allows for official physical plugins, extensions and mods to be used for even more functionality!
Ouija Board Mode Shows letters based upon environmental readings.
Spirit "8Ball" Mode Shows one of 15 different results (positive/neutral/negative) from environmental readings.
Canvas Drawing Mode Generates an image or ANIMATION from shapes and pixels, generated from environmental readings. Will you see a shadow personSometimes Chattergeist generates black humanoid shapes, we have no idea why...?!
Letter "Onvoy" Mode With over 841 quadrillionA number equal to 1 with 15 zeros! combinations, this mode shows letters based on raw environmental data! Available from Firmware v1.10.
Emotion "Emoji" Mode Displays one of a range of emotions from angry to excited. Available from Firmware v1.20.
Aura Compass Mode Displaying both colour and direction, this mode can be very useful when using binary questioning techniques.
Moon Phase Integration Set the moon phase to influence the algorithm of the various modes.
Three Operating Modes Change the mode of operation from "Prompt" where you have manual control to "Continuous" to allow the device to keep scanning automatically or "Single" to generate one word, especially for the Dictionary Mode.
Large Word History Missed a result?! Head over to the Word History, which can hold 500 words!
Animated Interfaces Slick feeling animated interfaces!
Intuitive Interfaces Ergonomic and easy to learn menu system.
Customisable & Persistent Options Set up the device the way you want to by changing options like Scan Delay, Sensitivity, Screen Brightness, Notification Colours and more!
Environmental Readings Utilising temperature, micro-EMF fluctuations and Radio Frequency Noise, Chattergeist reads the environment around the device.
Unique & In-Depth Algorithms Complex and accurate algorithms to select results using environmental readings.
Google Pixel Watch Diameter Coveniently the same diameter as a Google Pixel Watch, grab some screen protectors or accessories easily.
Super Lightweight Weighing in around 19 grams, Chattergeist is VERY easy to transport!
Very High View Angle The high quality screen can be viewed at almost 180 degrees!
Mobile Phone Power Option Run out of juice? Connect to a phone for power! **
USB-C Power Can be powered from any USB based power pack, phone, battery ***
High Quality IPS Screen High frequency, high colour, high contrast screen. 1.28inch 240x240 resolution TFT display.
Stands Alone No internet, phone or computer required! Everything is on the device! ****
Lithium Ion Battery Power Support 2-Pin port on the rear of the device allows for Lithium Ion Battery power
Visual Notifications Dictionary and Phonetic Modes can show a visual pulsing colour ring to notify you that a result is being displayed!
Silent Running So many devices want to BOOP at you or insist on taking up valuable listening time, Chattergeist works silently so it doesn't interfere!
* This product is for entertainment purposes only, please read our disclaimer.
** Phone power only available using a USB-A to USB-C cable with subsequent USB-C convertor (see manual).
*** Power only available via 2-Pin power port using a Lithium Ion battery, USB-C power only available with USB-A to USB-C.
**** Internet and computer are required for firmware updates and the loading of dictionaries.
✝ Can use any Litium Ion battery (though we recommend a Lithium Icon Polymer battery or a 16850). Attached via the power/ground connection. This product does not come with a battery pack.

Device Comparisons (Open or scroll right)

Feature  Chattergeist Touch  Ovilus 5+ Paratek Anubis Polterscript Hexcom Onvoy Spirit Chat v3 Phonteticom+ v3 Quadcom Tempest Alice Box ITC
Dictionary mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes n/a Yes Yes
Touch Screen Yes Yes No Yes No No No No n/a Yes No
Phonetic Mode Yes Yes No No No No No No n/a No No
Drawing Mode Yes (Instant) Yes (Slow) No No No No No No n/a No No
Animated Drawing Mode Yes No No No No No No No n/a No No
Question Mode Full 8Ball True/False Yes/No No No Yes/No No No Yes/No
No No
Letter mode YesFirmware v1.10+ No Yes No No Yes No No n/a No No
Emoji mode YesFirmware v1.20+ No No No No Yes No No n/a No No
Planchette Mode YesFirmware v1.35+ No No No No No No No n/a No No
Moon Phase integration YesFirmware v1.30+ No No No No No No No n/a No No
Word List Languages EN/FR/DE/
EN EN EN EN n/a EN EN n/a EN/ES Specific to device
Specific Word Lists Yes1800s & Latin No No No No n/a No No n/a No No
Word History 500 words On SD Card No 3 words 8 words No 2 Words 11 Words n/a On SD Card 1 Word
Ouija Mode Yes No No No No No No No n/a No No
Readings Temperature, mEMF & RF Noise* EMF None Magnet EMF Magnet & Temperature None Magnet Infra-Red Temperature & Humidity None
Dictionary Size 17,300 wordsAnd Growing! 2,048 words n/a 2,300 words 2,000 words n/a 4,500 words 4,000 words n/a 10,000 words 5,000 words
Internal Dictionary Modes Three No Two No No No No No n/a No No
Software Updates Yes No No No No No No No n/a Via SD No
Dictionary Updates Yes No No No No No No No n/a No No
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes (BLEBluetooth Low Energy) No No No No No No No n/a No No
Bluetooth Apps YesWeb-based App No No No No No No No n/a No No
Touch Screen Gestures Yes (full) No No No No No No No n/a Yes (left/right swipe) No
Animated Interface Yes No Partial No No No No No n/a No No
Silent Working Yes No Yes No No No No Yes No No No
Can Run From Phone Power Yes No No No No No No No No No No
Weight 19g 182g 120g (est) 269g** 226g Unknown 136g** 80g 170g Unknown Unknown
Device Materials Smooth Resin Plastic & 3D Print Unpolished 3D Print Plastic & Rubber Plastic Unpolished 3D Print Unpolished 3D Print Unpolished 3D Print Plastic Plastic Plastic
External Ports 4-Pin RX/TXUsed for plugin extensions No No No No No No No No Unused No
Power Connection USB-C &
2-Pin Battery Port
Unknown Capacity Battery Unknown Capacity Battery x5 AA Batteries Unknown Capacity Battery Unknown Capacity Battery 9v Battery Unknown Capacity Battery Unknown Small 500mah Battery x4 AA Batteries
£150 £460+No longer available £130+ £310+ 160+ £600+ £190+ £110+ £100+ £411+ £300+
Dimensions 75 x 75 x 12mm 110 x 80 x 35mm 54 x 54 x 18mm 220 x 100 x 40mm 150 x 60 x 35mm 76 x 127 x 70mm 95 x 74 x 25mm 58 x 58 x 18mm 100mm x 78mm x Unknown 60mm x 60mm x Unknown 20cm x 15cm x 10cm
Screen Size 1.28" Round IPS Touch TFT 3.5" Touch TFT 1.x" MonoTFT 3.5" Touch TFT 3.5" TFT 1.8 x 0.75" MonoTFT 2" Color OLED 2" TFT None 2" TFT 1" TFT
Form Factor Smart Watch Large Box 3D Printed Box Large Wand Large Box Large Box Medium Box Square Box Table Based 3D Printed Box + Handle Medium Box
* mEMF & Radio-Frequency Noise reading via TRNG on chip
** Weight without batteries

fullscreen Chattergeist Wrist Pack

A wrist mounted battery pack for the Chattergeist Base Unit, to convert your device into a fully wearable ITC device! Our wrist mounts are made from high quality materials with a nice sleek black finish. Complete with a battery providing approximately 6+ hours of continuous usage! To use, simply clip your Chattergeist into the wrist mount and you're good to go! Ideal for when you need to run away quickly from scary things! Note: Prior to release, some details may change.


fullscreen Chattergeist Probe

A small plugin extension for Chattergeist to allow you to read data from physical objects and locations in order to calibrate your device to the location you are investigating! Based upon Masaru Emoto's theory of water retaining memory, this extension reads sensor data directly from physical objects it makes contact with, allowing you to customise your results based upon the location you are investigating! Remember, mortar, brick and stone all retain water, thus may also retain memory and intent throughout history!


  • Tiny Form Factor
  • High Quality Materials
  • No Power Required

fullscreen Chattergeist WeeGhoul

A hybrid Weeble Wobble & Cat Ball. Complete with a very high sensitivity accelerometer and custom software on the Chattergeist to graph the data and set thresholds! Includes history data logging. More information to be announced!

Note: Prior to release, some details may change.


  • Very accurate angle & movement sensor
  • Graphing support for historic data
  • Weighted & balanced perfectly
  • Rechargeable battery

fullscreen Chattergeist Ring

A ring that sits on top of the Chattergeist Base Unit to give you specific Ouija outputs based upon the Planchette Mode results! Made from high quality tough resin and with excellent details and it even looks pretty!

Note: Prior to release, some details may change.


  • High Quality Material
  • Brushed Metal Effect

fullscreen Chattergeist Stand

A stand for Chattergeist that includes a battery a Planchette Ring! Ideal for those investigations around a table or even moving around!

Note: Prior to release, some details may change.


  • High Quality Material
  • Brushed Metal Effect
  • Rechargeable Battery

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