Dimension Devices Legal Disclaimer

When purchasing a device from Dimension Devices, you are aware that these devices poll data from a variety of methods using both sensor data and TRNG readings both within and plugged into the device, this data is assigned to results which are output to the device in a user-interactable manner.

You also agree that, while we would like to believe that spirits, ghosts, interdimensional entities and people across time are affecting the environment to communicate with you through our devices, Dimension Devices cannot guarantee that this is the case. Thus all outputs on any Dimension Device should be read with scrutiny and a healthy dose of scepticism on an individual basis. Dimension Devices does not claim that any device created by Dimension Devices can definitely receive communication from any entity either dead or alive (or across time/space/dimensions).

Every user of a device by Dimension Devices should use their own critical thinking to discern whether the outputs on the device used are relevant and of use to the location they are using it in.

Dimension Devices will not be held accountable if you believe your purchased device is not contacting spirits, ghosts, interdimensional entities, people across time or any other phenomenon that is considered "paranormal" or "other worldly". You agree that the device is fit for the purposes of entertainment and was created as such.

Now all that legal stuff is out the way, we wish you the best of luck during your investigations and communication attempts and we can't wait to see what you find!

Happy hunting!!