About Us

Our small team at Dimension Devices offer high-quality devices at a fraction of the cost when compared to our competitors. Our mission is to bridge the affordability gap without compromising on functionality or build quality.

Why pay three times the price for other ghost hunting devices when you can get the same, if not better, performance from our products?! We pride ourselves on providing professional, sleek, and ultra-portable devices that meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Our equipment offers superior functionality & performance compared to other similar ITC devices on the market. We believe in redefining the standards of paranormal performance while maintaining our ethos of charity and business support. #ParaUnity all the way!

We will never compromise on quality or functionality to offer you a lower price. All Dimension Devices equipment is meticulously designed and programmed in the UK, ensuring the highest level of reliability. We will never "weight" our devices to cherry pick results to give you false positives.

Experience the future of ghost hunting with Dimension Devices & the Chattergeist. Don't break the bank for top-notch equipment. Choose affordability without sacrificing performance. Join us on our mission to redefine the paranormal investigation experience.

Our Timeline

= Launches = Firmware = Tools = Other

  1. 12 June 2023

    Dimension Devices launches!

  2. 12 July 2023

    Chattergeist launches!

  3. 25 July 2023

    Firmware v1.10, Spanish & 1800s dictionary released!

  4. 14 August 2023

    Firmware v1.20 & Swedish dictionary released!

  5. 21 September 2023

    Affiliates Program launched!

  6. 12 October 2023

    First Christmas!

  7. 8 January 2024

    First competition giveaway!

  8. 16 January 2024

    Firmware v1.30 & Dutch dictionary released!

  9. 30 January 2024

    Update tool v2 released!

  10. 19 February 2024

    Firmware v1.31 & Bluetooth App support!

  11. 11 March 2024

    Firmware v1.35 & new theme/logo!

  12. 19 March 2024

    Easter sale!

  13. 7 May 2024

    Discord server launch!

  14. 19 May 2024

    Firmware v1.40 & Animated Canvas mode!

  15. 23 May 2024

    Chattergeist BLE Tool themes!

  16. 2 June 2024

    Released Latin dictionary!

  17. 11 June 2024

    Update tool v3 & Portuguese dictionary released!

  18. 17 June 2024

    Chattergeist Toolkit update!

  19. Present day

    Stay tuned! Exciting things are happening...!

Dimension Devices Team

Dimension Devices Founder
Barrie Founder, developer & designer of Chattergeist
Dimension Devices Happiness Manager
Nina Customer support, admin, happiness manager
Dimension Devices Security Team
Abi & Tau Ghost & Spirit k9 protection unit

Care In The Community

We love small businesses and we love people helping people out! Please read our Clones, Community & Care page for further information about how we have addressed some of the negativity in the paranormal community and how we fight back against fake apps and cloned devices.

About Us