Our Ethos: A Statement about Clone Devices and Community

We believe it is essential to foster a respectful and understanding atmosphere within the paranormal community. While we believe that healthy competition and respectful discourse are essential for progress and growth within the paranormal community, at the end of the day, we feel everyone in the paranormal community could do with less "in-fighting" and more focus on fostering a cooperative environment where we can all contribute positively to the field of paranormal research. We should be creating community, not dividing each other for monetary gain.

We have been actively contacting charitable organizations, small businesses, and other companies, offering assistance in the form of charitable donations of products as well as free website links to those whom we believe would greatly benefit from such support.

In the paranormal community, we occasionally encounter individuals who are developing their own clone versions of devices. In order for us to maintain the quality and integrity of our own physical devices, we have implemented a rigorous verification process that relies on a unique device identifier, model number, and verification code. This process ensures that your device is an official Dimension Device, meeting our high standards of development quality.

In light of these recent developments, we kindly urge everyone to be cautious when contemplating the use of devices resembling those crafted by our team at Dimension Devices. It is essential to be aware that these replicas might not possess the same level of refinement as our original products, which have undergone years of meticulous software development. Additionally, their developers are unlikely to have 25+ years programming experience for global corporations (such as Jeep, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo or Nikon), as well as being able to offer the comprehensive support structure, in-depth generational algorithms, verification process, officially verified firmware updates, and extension support characteristics of our products and devices. It is important to note that unofficial products will also not be compatible with the Dimension Devices update tool. Your security and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us, we highly recommend opting for our genuine products to ensure the best experience & peformance.

All this being said, we wish everyone the best of luck with their endeavors and we hope in the future we can work together instead of against one another. The world is divided enough. While some competition may be healthy, we should embrace each other with healthy mutual understanding.

Ethos, Community & Care